The Stress Savior

Last-minute shopping trips, family visits, office parties, and other surprise seasonal occurrences add to our stress level. People that have to consider the senior relatives them living with them into these times can be hectic, to say the least. Not only can this be a negative impact on your health but also on your family and more importantly the senior you are caring for. Not many seniors like to feel the rush or feel like a burden. Managing or mitigating this anxiety can be the catalyst for Happy Holidays and this is where Respite Care can be your savior.

What is respite care?

Many adults are unaware of what respite care is and its availability.
Respite Care can be a tremendous resource for caregivers and their families. Simply stated, a short-term stay in an assisted living community is respite care. Care providers should consider this as a holiday stress saver, especially if their relative is living at home with them and has never been a retirement community resident. Our facilities can and do offer respite stays, and caregivers should take advantage of these services.

Help Caregivers with Respite Care
Loved ones can be a difficult and challenging when providing care for them, add on chronic health concerns to take into account for having to complete last minute holiday tasks. Caregivers should take advantage of every resource available to them. The resource of your time and energy should be considered. Respite stay can be critical for family members to take time to unwind and put on hold the responsibilities of full-time care for a day or two.

Planning around parties, shopping, visits, etc. during the holidays can be significant help during this season. Respite care can help avoid serious potential stumbling blocks for caring for a loved one, especially if the senior doesn’t like or is unable to travel. A short-term stay our assisted living community can be the solution by providing your loved one with a community to live where they’ll be well looked-after. Caregivers will be able to overcome any logistical issues in their plans, and will also have the peace of mind that their relative is taking care of in a loving secure environment.

Benefits for The Senior
The best benefit is for the senior. Respite care does not just overcome a logistical issue but provides the senior with a unique experience in the form of an ability to form new friendships, stay active, maintain dignity and ease into the idea of long-term care in the future. If the senior is homebound due to health reasons, this is a chance to spend time with others from their own generation an maybe spirit building. A new audience for their stories and a place to feel the comfort of being around others of the same era.

No worries about forgetting to take medication and assistance available for routine daily processes. This around the clock service can be quite comforting to the elderly.

This can also help spur the conversation around the holidays when all the family gets together and can discuss care and responsibility for taking care of Mom and Dad. Our community gives the feel of a loving caring family.