Nicu Buculei;

Many scientific studies have shown that eating a Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease. This is fantastic news because a Mediterranean diet is healthy, delicious and very easy to incorporate into your life. In addition to increasing your chances of staying mentally sharp throughout your lifetime, you will also be improving the quality of your life right now by enjoying meals and snacks that taste amazing and require a minimum of fuss to prepare.

Number 5 in this video list made me very happy…

1. Tuna and Salsa Combo

Grab a can of tuna from your pantry shelf, open a jar of salsa, and you will have a tasty meal that takes only seconds to prepare. If you have never put salsa in your tuna, give it a try. The combination explodes with unexpected flavors, and both the Omega-3 fat in the tuna and the anti-inflammatory nutrients in the salsa tomatoes will nourish and protect your brain.

2. Nuts

Eating nuts could not be easier. Nuts require no preparation at all. Buy shelled nuts, store them in a covered container or a baggie in the refrigerator, and simply grab a small handful for a healthful snack, or sprinkle them in salads or on whole wheat pasta. Your brain will love the healthful fat in these delicious treats. Tip: When buying nuts, avoid those that contain added oil or a lot of salt.?

3. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

The easiest way to introduce more healthful olive oil into your daily diet is to use it in place of butter. Instead of serving butter with bread, pour a small amount of olive oil into a dish, and use that for dipping whole wheat bread. Also use the extra-virgin olive oil for sauteing, instead of butter. You will accomplish two things at once. You will increase the amount of brain-friendly fats you consume, while simultaneously reducing the number of saturated fats. Tip: Use low or medium heat when cooking with olive oil. Keep the temperature of the oil below the point where it would start to smoke.?

4. Fresh Fruit

Like nuts, fruit is delicious eaten in its natural state and requires little or no preparation. The trick to eating more fruit is putting it somewhere your family will be likely to notice and eat it. Try placing fruit in an attractive, eye-catching bowl that you keep in the center of your table or on the kitchen counter. Serve fruit instead of sugar-laden cake or pie for dessert. Slip an apple or an orange into a backpack, purse or briefcase to enjoy as a snack at work or at school. For variety, experiment with some of the exotic fruits that are becoming more readily available in supermarkets.

5. Hummus

Even people who usually don’t like beans often enjoy eating hummus. Buy pre-cut carrots or celery and a container of hummus for a no-fuss delicious snack that contains healthful bean protein that your brain will adore. Prepared hummus comes in many interesting flavors, so try as many as appeal to you. You could also make hummus yourself, using canned garbanzo beans and tahini in a jar. It’s easy to make, and best of all, the flavors will be especially intense.

Incorporating foods from the Mediterranean diet into your daily life is one of the easiest changes you can make to improve your health, and it is potentially one of the most valuable. After you have experienced how simple it is to prepare and enjoy these brain-nourishing foods, you are likely to want to add even more of them to your table. Consequently, both your health benefits and your mealtime enjoyment will increase many times over.