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Free Websites Providing Support For Cancer Patients 

Cancer presents many challenges. Often people find they have a compelling need to share their journey, and connect with others who might be able to offer resources, assistance and comfort. There exists a variety of patient support websites offering patients a free and convenient way to build a support network. Here are some of the more popular online cancer hubs: Caring Bridge, Post Hope, Give Forward, My Life Line, Patients Like Me, and Cancer Compass.

You can find some healthy food options and recipes on these sites. Some of them offer a safe secure (password-protected) area for patients to share feelings and thoughts. Some of websites, including Post Hope, Give Forward, and My Life Line, even provide a secure way to raise money to cover health care costs.

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Each is unique and different, but they al share one thing in common: They allow patients a way to share the progress of their cancer journey with friends and family. They can help in many other ways, too, including by:

Allowing One-Stop Communication

Most people have difficulty telling their loved ones they have cancer. Delivering that news over an over again is harder still. Then they have to continually update their supporters and inner circle over the course of their treatment. Caring Bridge, Post Hope and others allow patients to share their story with their circle all at once, in the way of their choosing. Share buttons let them spread the message on social media or by email to a chosen group, at the touch of a button. Forums on Cancer Compass enable patients to share their experiences with others who have similar cancers. Patients can support one another throughout their treatment and other cancer-related challenges.

Supportive Messages

Often cancer patients do not have the energy or ability to socialize. Treatment and side effects can really take it out of a person. That doesn’t mean they still don’t desire the love and support of friends and family. Many of these websites offer a safe place for those closest to you to post inspirational messages, videos and photos. 

Assistance with Meal Planning

Give Forward has an interactive meal calendar that simplifies meal planning for anyone who is helping a particular patient. It allows the patient to request meals for specific dates, as well as giving the ability to list favorite foods and any dietary restrictions. Friends or family members then sign up for the calendar, commit to specific dates, and note the foods they will bring. This should eliminate unneeded duplication, and should result in more variety in the types of meals delivered.

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Among Cancer Compass’ many popular features is its recipe sharing portal. This allows cancer patients to post their favorite recipes and participate in a conversation about them. Many cancer patients find that their sense of taste, appetite and ability to eat certain foods have been adversely affected by their cancer or various treatments. Since nutrition is so important to a cancer patient’s health, and because some foods or supplements can interfere with certain treatments, patients should always discuss their diet with their oncology care team.

Other Resources

Dealing with cancer and all of the questions that can come with it can be overwhelming and confusing. Many patients are desperate for reliable information from authorities in cancer care. Cancer Compass is one of a number of sites that offer extensive information including newsletters, blogs and articles on the latest research and treatments, as well as message boards to engage in conversations on. The Uplift Blog on the Caring Bridge site also provides information, inspiration and caregiver support. Topics include chronic illness, supporting hospitalized friends and healing techniques.