Thinking of selling your home?

If you are contemplating the idea of selling your home and establishing a new home in a retirement community it is probably because you have been receiving some personal signals that tell you your current home just doesn’t suit your needs anymore. You shouldn’t ignore those signals even though they may be subtle they’re important.

Is the large yard where your children and the family dog used to play becoming a physical burden to care for?  Or are you having to deal with the added expense of hiring a lawn care service to do the upkeep you used to do?

Is the climb up to the second level bedrooms more difficult than it used to be? 

Do those basement steps seem more treacherous? Are you afraid of falling?

Does it  take you a much longer time to clean your house than it used to? 

Are many of the rooms simply unused areas now?

Are you paying to heat and cool a house that is much larger than you need?

All of these may be indicators that it’s time to move to a smaller home, a home with less upkeep, and a home where you can spend more time enjoying life than cleaning.  The move may be difficult in some ways but well worth the change in other ways.  It is important to remember that many memories were made in your current home but those memories don’t reside within those four walls.  Memories live inside of you so they will go with you wherever you go.

Once you decide a move is right for you, take ample time to do a thorough search of the communities available in the area you want to move to.  There are numerous types of retirement community arrangements.  Try to keep in mind your possible long term needs when choosing your new home.  One popular choice among seniors is a move to a continuing-care retirement community.  A community such as this allows you to move to an individual residence and enjoy an independent lifestyle while also offering you options for more assisted care if the need arises as time goes by.

Moving to a retirement community puts you in close proximity to others with whom you can share interests and hobbies.  Before deciding on a location you should explore the shopping, dining, and entertainment options that are close by.  Visiting with a few of the residents in the community can give you a good idea of what living there would be like.

Don’t ignore those inner nudges that tell you it’s time for a change.  Do your research.  Read all contracts carefully.  You deserve to enjoy life to its absolutely fullest whoever you choose to live.