Choosing the Right Assisted Living Facility for the Senior in Your Life

By: Penny S. Harmon

Unfortunately, there will be a time that comes when you must decide whether or not the senior in your life should continue to live alone.   You must make certain they are fully able to take care of themselves and know they are safe from harm in their homes.   These decisions can be difficult to make.   However, you can rest assured knowing there are assisted living facilities available to help in the care of seniors.

Finances will play a major role in determining which assisted living facility is right for your senior.   While it can be tough for them to admit they can no longer care for themselves, it may be even tougher for them to realize they can not afford to do anything about it.   The best thing you can do is gather the family together to decide what is the best route to take and then you can start researching the various types of financial assistance that may be required to secure place in the facility of their choice.

Assisted living facilities can offer a wide range of services to your loved one.    You, along with your senior and their health care provider, should first determine what services will be required.   Do they simply need assistance with their meal preparations and daily hygienic needs?   Or do they require help with medications and monitoring?   Once you have determined their requirements, you can use this to choose the right facility for them.   

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You will also find that the setting of the facility may play an important role in determining which facility is chosen.   If your senior loves to spend time outdoors, an apartment style complex located in the middle of the city will not be where they would be most comfortable.   Thankfully, you will find assisted living facilities in a variety of settings for them to choose from.   

Once you have a list of prospective facilities, you should take the time to visit them unannounced.   This will give you a better idea of how they operate, how the residents are taken care of, and whether or not the facility appears to be clean, safe, and secure.   You may also want to take the time to introduce yourself to some of the current residents and ask them their opinion of the facility and whether or not their needs are being met.   

After your unannounced visits, you should then schedule a tour of the facility with the prospects still left on your list.   Along with the tour, you should get a better idea of what is offered to the residents.   Most assisted living facilities will have activities and programs set up for the seniors, as well as provide cleaning and laundry services.      

Before you and your senior make the decision on a facility, make certain you check with your state’s Department of Health and Human Services to verify they are conforming to all of the state’s rules and regulations.   You may also be able to find out whether any complaints were filed and how they were resolved.