average monthly cost of assisted living in Wisconsin 2024

2024 Cost of Assisted Living in Wisconsin

A variety factors influence the cost of assisted living in 2024 in Wisconsin. The biggest factors depend on the type and level of care a senior needs. In 2021 long-term care financial company Genworth reported that the average cost of assisted living in Wisconsin is $4,600 per month. Do to the inflated cost of real estate and construction costs have increased significantly.

The level of care a person requires will impact the cost of assisted living, but where you live also matters. The monthly cost varies by as much as $1,250 a month, depending on where you live in the state. The cost of assisted living ranges from a low of $4,200 in the Columbus, WI area, where our Larson House Assisted Living home is located, to a high of $5,450 per month in the Racine area of Wisconsin where we have The Pillars at Crystal Bay Assisted Living.

Wisconsin 2024 Assisted Living Cost Per Day

Wisconsin assisted living cost per day in 2024

The average cost of a Wisconsin assisted living facility per day is around $142 according to our research. The average daily cost for assisted living in Wisconsin is approximately $117, with costs running between $115 and $179 per day.

  • Low Cost: $115 per day
  • Average Cost: $142 per day
  • High Cost: $179 per day

Cost of Wisconsin Assisted Living Facilities

The average cost of assisted living in Wisconsin is $4,317 per month, according to the aggregates in the elder care industry.

Neighboring states have a lower monthly base rate than Wisconsin’s assisted living homes. Wisconsin is also more expensive compared to the nation wide average.

This cost is the base cost for a one-bedroom assisted living unit in Wisconsin. Additional fees beyond the base rate may apply.

Platinum Communities operates assisted living and memory care facilities through out eastern Wisconsin.

In Milwaukee there are two of their family owned and operated facilities:

Golden Gardens Assisted Living

Willow View Assisted Living


Golden Harbor Assisted Living


Autumn Oaks Assisted Living


Larson House Assisted Living & Memory Care


River View Assisted Living

Oak Creek:

Country View Assisted Living


The Pillars at Crystal Bay Assisted Living

Crystal Bay Senior Apartments

The average cost of assisted living per month in Wisconsin is $4,317. Assisted Living aggregates lists a similar price range for assisted living costs in Arizona with $4,250 being the average cost per month. The average monthly cost for assisted living in Wisconsin is approximately $4,317, with costs running between $3,491 and $6,408 per month.

  • Low Cost: $3,491 per month
  • Average Cost: $4,317 per month
  • High Cost: $6,408 per month

The average cost of assisted living per year in Wisconsin is $42,500Paying for Senior Care lists the average cost per month for assisted living in Wisconsin at $4,300 which equals about $51,600 per year. The average yearly cost for assisted living in Wisconsin is approximately $42,500, with costs running between $2,638 and $5,000 per year.

  • Low Cost: $31,656 per year
  • Average Cost: $42,500 per year
  • High Cost: $60,000 per year