Why We Do What We Do

Platinum Communities is a small, family owned and run company. We have been focused on providing exceptional long term care to residents throughout Southeastern Wisconsin for more than a dozen years.

Through personal experience we learned the importance of surrounding your loved ones with a care team that genuinely prioritizes each person’s wellbeing, comfort and safety. We pride ourselves on providing our residents with a level of care that we would give to our own loved ones. My mother/our Grandmother Lois had a stroke a few years back. After her hospital and rehab stays, it became our responsibility to help find her placement in an assisted living community that was near to her family and friends. This was our first experience being in the position where we were entrusting her longterm care to others. Being on the other side of that table offered us new insight into what is most important to residents and their families when searching for the right community.

Searching for the Right Community

Having toured countless communities, we ultimately chose one which we very quickly discovered was not living up to their promises and our own expectations of the care Grandma Lois needed and deserved. This same experience repeated itself again at the next community we chose. We were very discouraged and frankly concerned that to find the care she deserved we would have to move her far from the neighborhood in which she had spent most of her life.

We soon realized that what really mattered when it came to her care and happiness, and our piece of mind as a family, was the quality of care provided and character of the staff who would be interacting with her on a daily basis. The commitment, compassion, and dedication of the care staff was far more important to us than any fancy looking buildings, shiny new appliances, perfectly manicured landscaping or a long list of amenities.

Following an exhaustive search, which included interviewing members of the care teams, we found a community that was just right for Lois and gave us the peace of mind we needed. It was such a relief to finally have found a community that when we said goodbye at the end of a visit we did so with the confidence that a great team of people were around her providing her with the care and respect she deserved. This experience has since shaped our approach to the quality of care in our own communities. We have since redoubled our efforts to attract, develop, and retain the best, most dedicated, and caring staff in each and every one of our locations.

Treating Your Loved Ones Like Family

At Platinum Communities, we believe that your loved ones should be cared for as if they were a member of our own family. The key to providing that care is maintaining a dedicated compassionate staff for our residents 24/7. We believe the key to that great care staff, is a great care management team and support staff providing them the tools, training, encouragement, and recognition they deserve.

Quality staff does not just guarantee a great experience for our residents, it also ensures a great staff experience. We intend to create a supportive, family-like environment that our care staff looks forward to being a part of each and every day.

As a small, but growing company, we are committed to training and offering team members who excel in their roles, the opportunity to advance their long-term health care careers within our company. Five of our six administrators were promoted from another position at Platinum Communities. Three of those five started as caregivers in the locations they now run. Each of them proved themselves willing to take on new challenges and responsibilities while also providing years of dedicated service to our residents and their fellow staff members. As our company continues to grow, there will be even more opportunities for advancement, and we will need to continually add more team members who share our mission and values.

At Platinum Communities, we have the honor and privilege providing care for our many wonderful residents in their home each day. Our ultimate goal is to fill their lives with joy and happiness for as long as we have the opportunity to do so.