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Continued Rehabilitation Care at Platinum Communities

After a serious health event that requires hospitalization, many will need rehabilitation services, such as physical, speech, occupational therapies or nursing care until they are full recuperated.  Families are not aware that they have choices regarding where to complete rehabilitation. Rehabilitation may be started in a hospital but completed in a variety of settings. Platinum […]

Tips on Choosing a Facility for Assisted Living

There are many special concerns for anyone considering assisted living for an aging parent, sibling or relative. Other than care and support, there is also the issue of quality in terms of service, particularly where long-term care is required. To make sure that you choose a facility for assisted living that has all the features […]

Preparing and Planning for Assisted Living

Preparing to take a loved one to an assisted living facility can be a challenge in the best possible situations and a disaster when everything goes wrong. A little preparation and planning ahead can save a lot of the headache and heartache, however, leaving more time for what’s really important. Defining “Assisted Living” The first […]